Yes! We got Down and Dirty for 3 miles!

Dirty Girls galore turned up for the event!  It was a special event designed for Dirty Girls only and sure enough, 67 Dirty Girls took the challenge!  We hit the Dirty Girl Camp at Lake Perry for some time around the fire.  Unfortunately, I was afraid to start the actual fire due to the wind but it didn’t matter.  Dirty Girls can meet, greet and cultivate conversation with or without a fire! 



The woods were full of encouraging words as well as Redbuds bursting with bright flowers and cheerful WOO WOO’s of Dirty Girls.  The age range of Dirty Girls was from 6 to 71 years young!  You are all beautiful and wonderful and full of potential! Remember to take a break, refresh and rejuvenate! We are better at helping, working, supporting the ones we love and care about when we are healthy and strong emotionally, spiritually and physically.

IMG_20140426_212223             20140426_135510

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What a beautiful group of strong, dedicated and brave women!  What great role models for our young, strong girls as they grow into adulthood!   It is important to show our girls how to relax, unplug and bond and share with other strong and capable women. 


           OHHH!!! And how to be silly! 

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Ponder this  … many girls grow up hearing their women role models (mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers and women friends)  disparage their own bodies.  From tiny self criticism and ongoing deep dissatisfactions with our own bodies, we fail to teach our girls to love themselves just the way they are.  Let’s teach them that it’s ok to be who and how they are and to love themselves at every age and stage of life.  We are all different and beautiful – easy to say but hard to truly live and believe.  Must. Keep. Practicing this!

   momdonnaDD3   20140426_135414

Keep moving Dirty Girls!  Fast or slow, you get out there and take some steps!  Move your bodies and move your minds!  This is not because we don’t love who we are right now, today but because we DO LOVE ourselves and we deserve to be well cared for by ourselves!  Think of this handy Dirty Girl RULE … Don’t say something about your own body that you wouldn’t say to your best Dirty Girl friend to her face!  Really!  Share to positive heartfelt love and praise you share with others with yourself! 

OH!  Don’t forget to be silly!


See you on the next Dirty Girl Adventure!  xoxoxoxoxo