Thursdays 5:45 – 6:45

800 N. Kansas Ave. Topeka Kansas

Compass Point procedures for Yoga during Covid-19

Please plan to enter the shop with your mask in place. You will check-in at the desk then progress through the shop to head to the Courtyard through our back door. Outside we are able to provide 6-10 feet between participants. If possible, please bring your own yoga equipment. We will loan you equipment if you need it – all of our equipment is cleaned and sanitized prior to use. Please bring your own water bottle, you will be able to refill it while at Compass Point.

All classes are tailored to meet your needs and to tap into your inner resources building on your unique strengths. Yoga is the perfect remedy for the mind, body, and breath to create a union and be in the moment.

Vinyasa flow – first and third thursdays

This class designed to be active, releasing, and strength building. Which will get your blood flowing and step into some more challenging poses. Some knowledge of yoga asana may be helpful but is not mandatory. Come to these classes ready to move.


This class will continue to offer a high-quality beginner and more relaxing yoga. Which will restore your energy to face the rest of the week.


Comfy, stretchy clothes that allow movement 


Your mat, if you have a block, strap, or blanket that you would like to use bring that too! An open heart to try new things – yoga is adaptable to all levels, ages and abilities.


 $25 punch card good for 5 sessions over 8 weeks (show up for the first class and purchase your punch card) 

WALK-IN Yogis: $7 per class.

Jennifer Sieben Yoga Instructor at Compass Point
Jennifer Sieben Yoga Instructor

 Our instructor is Jennifer Sieben, RYT 200 since 2014

(A Dirty Girl for 4 years)

“I am excited to be sharing yoga with you at Compass Point! In the mid-’90s, I took my first yoga class and it has made all the difference. Yoga has actually shifted, saved, and improved my life on numerous occasions- Compass Point Yoga would love to do something similar for you. Whether you are coming to increase lung capacity, improve flexibility, build strength, increase focus, assist mindfulness, age gracefully, build endurance, relax, or other combinations, Compass Point Yoga will guide you. I teach fundamentals, vinyasa, breathing, and relaxation: we will build heat and slow it down. Yoga practice builds strength, courage, faith, community, and self. Compass Point Yoga will prepare you for the trail, the lake, the river, and more life off the mat. I have taught beginner, intermediate, chair, and restorative yoga in community college, various local communities, and businesses, as well as my own studio. I can’t wait to share my love of yoga with you – I hope it makes all the difference.”

Jennifer Sieben