The 8 Mile was GREAT!

Wow!  If you participated in this event then I am confident that you had a good time and felt like you really accomplished something!  (At least that’s what you told me! 😀 Hope you still feel that way!)  As the Original Dirty Girl, I am SOOOOOO pleased with the first official event!  37 people completed the 8-Mile!  It was such an amazing response I had to hire a party bus to transport us to the Trailhead!
DSCF4631 - Copy
This was a tough hike.  Very rocky, hilly and of course, 8 miles long!  It was also about 30* which was surprisingly comfortable for the most part.  The breeze was a bit brisk sometimes but, hey, we’re Dirty Girls!
We saw many eagles and had time to begin getting to know each other.  We all have different fitness levels but the best thing?  We ALL did it!  What an accomplishment!  My favorite quote from the day was a woman who, when talking about advice to our younger selves, said, “Don’t wait until you are 52 to go on your first 8 mile hike!”  Well said!  I’m hoping that more people will join us for the next events (Another 8 is coming up on April 6th followed by the Down and Dirty 3 Mile April 26th!) so that they can let their “Dirty Girl” spirit shine! Invite all of your Dirty Friends!

DSCF4636 DSCF4646 DSCF4635DSCF4644


Slow and steady through the woods!  She was smiling beneath her scarf!


Nope, her legs weren’t cold!  😀


Some, but not all, of the Adventurers!


These girls!  They didn’t believe that this kind of terrain existed in Kansas but they kicked butt on trail regardless! Great work Dirty Girls!

DSC_6634 DSC_6637

We ended the 8 – Mile at our official Dirty Girl Clubhouse, Hog Holler for some refreshments, door prizes and some more camaraderie!  I am lucky to have the Dirty Mama’s as part of the Dirty Girl Team as well as my mom and family!  Great helpers!

DSCF4668Me and two of the three Dirty Mamas! LOVE this picture!  Thanks to my wonderful Dirty Girl Mary for taking pictures!  Here is a link to her facebook page Photos Here & There.


This is MY Original Dirty Mama and her little Nikki – thanks for helping!

DSC_6646 DSC_6652 DSC_6653

I especially love the photobomber on the right!  Funny Dirty Girls!


DSC_6655 DSC_6659 DSC_6635Thanks to all those who donated door prizes.  Carolyn’s Natural Soaps and Hog Holler and my friend Pam from Origami Owl  I hope that those that I purchased were to your liking as well!  I do love some smart wool socks and wine!  😀  More diversity in prizes coming with the next events!

Overall, things went very well.  We will be making some improvements for the next adventure “Another 8” so I hope that you and all your Dirty Friends will consider joining us!  We have also added another event, the Down and Dirty 3 Mile (actually a 5K course on trail – perfect for beginners or experienced Dirty Girls.  This event is for Dirty Girls only.) Check them out and sign up as soon as possible!

Let’s get Dirty!

10 Reasons to Join the Dirty Girl Club

10.  Going outside is a great way to spend any day.


9. The better you feel, the better you will do in everything you try. 

8. Taking care of you feels great.

7. You will spend some time laughing and laughing and laughing. 

6. You will get more fit.

5. You will nourish your beautiful soul. 


4. You will love getting a little bit dirty more than you ever thought you would. 

3. You will do new adventurous things.

2. You will make new friends and become part of a supportive and encouraging community.

1. It’s fun! 


Dirty Girls Do It In the Cold

Hello!  I have been away from here for TOO LONG!  What do Dirty Girls do in the winter cold?  We continue to hit the trail, hit the gym and spend quality time with each other in a variety of ways!  Here are a couple of them… Jennifer aka Wild Rose, and I hit the Kansas River with our kayaks on a strange 60* Sunday afternoon.  The day was beautiful and the little icebergs floating in the river were pretty.  We spotted eagles and walked along the sand, it was a beautiful day.

ImageImageWe have also continued to hike the trails around the lake when the temperatures are 20* or above.  Once you get moving it’s pretty warm!  Hiking the trails in different seasons give me an appreciation of the diversity of life.


I’ve been working hard to get ready for the first full season of Dirty Girl Adventures and SOON, very soon I will be posting 8 great events to get you out and about!  I will also have all of the details about joining the Dirty Girl Club.  As I have been developing the Dirty GIrl Club benefits, my loving Dirty Husband has asked a few questions to get me going in the right direction.  One question he asked was, “Why?” Why should a woman join the club?  Well, I can think of many reasons but they are slightly difficult to quantify.  I also think maybe it’s a woman thing!  Then, I received my Little Bird note from the Brave Girls Club the other day and THERE IT WAS!  So, below I have reposted that note.  (You should check them out at There are other reasons to join the Dirty Girl Club but this, this is one of them and it is one of the important ones.  We need to nourish our souls!  By gathering like minded women and going outside we are doing just that!  Look for the Dirty Girl Club information here on February 1st!  Meanwhile, do something you love just because!

Your daily truth from the Brave Girls Club
Dear Incredible Girl,One of the best ways to nourish your soul is to seek out and do the things that totally absorb you in happiness, things that call to you…things that you are naturally good at and things that fill you up.It’s important to balance your life with the things that MUST be done AND the things that we do simply because of the JOY that comes in doing those things.
Life is meant to be enjoyed and not merely endured. There are simple and small things that we can do that will refuel our souls. We all need to make time to do these sorts of things if we want to live meaningful lives. We will be better at everything that we MUST do if we take time to do what we LOVE to do. We will be better wives, mothers, friends, daughters, sisters, aunts, partners and coworkers…….and we surely will FEEL better every minute of the day.
Please don’t get sucked into the falsehood that taking time to nourish your soul is selfish and futile. It is ESSENTIAL. It doesn’t take anything away from anyone…it only adds to the goodness that you already have inside of you.
Its’ the beginning of a new week…be brave this week and do something that puts a smile on your face…just for the sake of doing it. Little miracles will happen….you will see.
You are loved.

Dirty Girl’s Day off!

1456006_607173832657359_1876503145_n-520x279What does a dirty girl do on a day off?  Well, in truth, a wide variety of things, some not so exciting BUT sometimes it IS exciting!  This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to compete in the “O” Challenge with my partner and decidedly dirty girl, Shelley.  We have done several Adventure Races together in the past.  We were pretty excited to undertake a new challenge sponsored by Lake Adventures at beautiful Milford Lake Kansas.  What is the “O” Challenge?  It is an orienteering event, using a topographical satellite map marked with UTM points, racers use a compass (no GPS allowed) to locate checkpoints.  In adventure racing you do the same thing but your mode of travel includes trekking, biking and paddling.  Basically, you get a map with places marked on it and you need to get to all of them in any order within a set amount of time.  Lake Milford is beautiful and has some lovely trails…
The trails were virtually irrelevant for this particular adventure though! We went off road and did a LOT of brush whacking to find our points!  Totally fun!
A very cool thing about this “extreme sport” is the comradery among the competitors.  We are all competing but, generally, we are also sort of all in it together.  Shelley and I aren’t fast and in this race she caught her toe and pulled a muscle so we were slower than usual.  However, these types of races don’t have to be about speed.  The truth is good navigation skills and perseverance make a difference.   Shelley always asks questions like, “what strategy can we use to find this point?”  Sometimes the strategy is get close and wander around!
We sometimes join up with another team of similar speed and work together.  It is fun to get to know people from different places with the same interests even for a few passing moments in the brush!  We spent some time with a team of guys looking for a couple of points, Lee and Mike.  They were nice and funny (their team name was Nutz in the Water)  it was their second race ever.  We couldn’t find point #14 and we went our separate ways.  Later, they doubled back and found it then told us how close we had been on the first pass.  UGH!  Oh, well!
It is a challenge to articulate the level of challenge in this type of race when the world is flooded with races that are full of created challenges like mud pits and electric shocks.  I think that some of those races would be fun and all of them would be hard but I really love that this is a “real” challenge.  This challenge is natural and is overcome by strength, endurance and intellect also maybe some luck!  We traveled a theoretical distance of about 13 miles.  We wandered around a bit, not always taking the shortest path so it seems possible that we traveled farther than that.
This is what a check point looks like.  Can you see it?  It is that orange thing hanging in the middle of the fall colored orangy forest!  Sometimes people steal or remove points like this.  Irritating!  Check point #4 was stolen on this event.  We searched and as we were discussing giving up Charmion (race director) arrived to check it out.  She confirmed that it was missing and left a note for future racers.  Pretty annoying since the checkpoints have a note on them explaining what they are and asking you not to remove them.  Some people are just weenies!
We tramped through poison ivy, brambles, green briar and up and down hills.  I almost peed my pants when I nearly stepped on a snake!  I screamed and the guys laughed since I had just told them about the Dirty Girls.  (Remember, Dirty Girls can scream at things like snakes and fish jumping into the kayak!)    Shelley was a total trooper since she kept going with the major muscle pull.  We found 19 of 22 points in 6 hours and 21 minutes taking 2nd place in the women’s division.  Pretty exciting!  I love a race that you can win or place with a time in hours instead of minutes!  The Golden Girls beat us because they found that darn #14!  They are pretty awesome navigators!  We had a great time and can’t wait to race again!  It sometimes strikes me as we wander through some tough cedar trees that many people would think we were insane to choose to do this.  Then I smile and laugh and give thanks for the opportunity to be outside using my body and my brain and to meet like minded people of all ages, races, backgrounds and experiences coming together to do the same awesome thing!
This was the last check point that we found.  It was a good day!  What do you do on your day off?  I hope it is something that you love!!
Denise ~ The Original Dirty Girl

Night Hike!

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful.  The sun was shining and the weather was relatively warm.  All great news for a night hike!  I was very happy to accept the generous offer from  No-wah-pee and her husband, Token Male, who welcomed us to their lovely home located adjacent to the trails.  She and I enjoyed scouting the 5 miles Friday evening before the Night Hike.  It is always good to spend time with a friend! 941299_215663801941544_550843162_nI spent Saturday cooking up some beef stew (thanks Pinterest!) and it smelled great!  I also mixed up a big batch of corn bread and gathered the supplies for s’mores.  I was excited about the number of people who were planning to attend the Night Hike.  I really liked that several of my son’s friends that are girls wanted to come.  I determined that they are the Dirty Chicklets and invited them along!  The girls convinced my son and one of his guy friends to come.  Fun times!  I love that this crazy idea is involving so many different people, different ages and from different walks of life.  16 hikers arrived to hit the trail in the dark! We started at 6:30 which was early enough to see some of the sights and get our footing on the trail.  The fall colors and setting sun are especially gorgeous around the lake.
DSCF4477We all had headlamps or flashlights and fancy glow necklaces.  Some of us sported the awesome safety pink shirts with glow ink!  They will be looking hot for years to come!
DSCF4475It was FUN!!  It got dark fast!  We moved along pretty quickly given the fact that it was dark and chilly.  We found ourselves becoming hot and a little sweaty rapidly.  We used positive self talk to encourage ourselves, “I’m hot! I’m really hot!”  Dirty Girls always take advantage of self esteem boosters!  We took a couple of breaks for photos and some quick and invigorating beverages!  (Thanks! Who knew I would love Buttershots?)  It was cool to see the head lamps glowing along the trail.  We spread out and goofed off along the way. The crazy kids tried to run ahead, needless to say they were nearly lost a few times!  We also took turns being in the lead and at the end.  In some ways, the end was maybe the best.  Everyone’s light contributes to lighting the trail and there is no light behind you to throw shadows.  We had a few stops to turn the lights out and just enjoy the darkness.  There are still enough leaves on the trees that we couldn’t really see the stars although they were up there and very bright!
We ended up finishing the 5 miles in about two hours slightly sweaty but very happy.  The two Dirty Camp Fire Dudes had the fire blazing, the music playing and the dinner was warm and ready!  Everyone changed clothes or added layers and gathered around for some post-hike festivities.  1384352_216132771894647_162430792_nI love that these twinkle lights are looking so pink!
Many marshmallows were toasted and many more were caught on fire!  You really can’t beat an evening around a fire.
560039_216008918573699_1499650742_nWe decided that a larger fire pit is going to be added!  We loved the music and the time to talk around the fire.  Turns out everyone liked the beef stew – several had seconds so I believed them!  It was the perfect thing to have after a hike.  The weather was pretty cold so it really hit the spot.  Beef stew, a fire and some s’mores pretty much create a perfect ending for any fall hiking adventure!
1385537_216132698561321_1358507810_nIt is very exciting to me to have the chance to do so many things that are near and dear to my heart!  Going outside, exercising, cultivating positive relationships and socializing with great people, sharing my love of hiking and bonfires and s’mores and wine!! Can’t wait for the next big event, the next small event and launching the Dirty Girls Club!  I will also note that Dirty Girls love Dirty Guys and having them along with us! Stay tuned for more adventures!


Denise ~ The Original Dirty Girl!

The Half-Day Hike Adventure!

The Half-Day Hike turned out to be AWESOME!!  Since it was the first event that I charged people to attend, I was SUPER anxious that it all went smoothly.  First, I was totally bummed about the Federal Government shutdown.  The US Army Corps of Engineers is closed down which meant that I wouldn’t be able to get the key to the gate to drive up the HUGE hill to set up Dirty Girl Camp.  I was scrambling to think of a different way to make it work.  My dirty girl compatriots were brainstorming.  Julie aka MacGyver and I met at the trail head to the Perry Lake Trail on Tuesday and confirmed that the gate was locked.  We worked out a plan that involved Julie bringing her 4-wheeler and driving stuff up and down the hill.  Hassle… we arrived Saturday afternoon to get set up and relax a little around the fire after a few million trips on the quad and… THE GATE WAS OPEN!!  Yay!!  I rushed up and unloaded then went back to ensure I wasn’t locked in and thankfully, nope.  Magically, the gate was open all weekend!!
Saturday evening Jenn, Julie and I set up camp and relaxed.  It was lovely! I dumped bleach on the dirty pit toilet bathroom floor and washed down the walls (ugh) and we foofified the area a bit.


The kids enjoyed camp.  Dirty Girls have Dirty Kids!  Big and little, they love a good fire!  It was a great fall evening!  Perfect Kansas weather!

20131012_172803 20131012_172948

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful!  The day was a perfect fall day with gorgeous fall colors and crispy air.  11 Dirty Girls were registered plus me and my wonderful Camp Maiden, Macgyver Julie!  Big, excitement!  Sadly, three of the 11 were unable to attend at the last minute – a family emergency, a health emergency and a failure to read the calendar!  Doh!  (The health emergency has since been healed!)  Dirty Girl Camp was looking awesome and the fire was toasty!  We headed out on our 10ish mile hike, turned out to be closer to 9, in good spirits and covered in Deep Woods Off!


It is wonderful to gather with Dirty Girls for a day on the trail.  Our group spanned a wide variety of ages and careers as well as fitness levels.  Everyone has something to share; thoughts, interests and insights.  Women can join together and share, communicate and encourage each other rapidly – a beautiful aspect of a Dirty Girl Adventure!  The more we hike; the more we know each other.  What a great way to get to know women worth knowing!
The trail was over hill and dale, woody and rocky with gorgeous scenery.  There was SO much poison ivy!!  It is actually pretty – yellow, orange and red this time of year BUT oh, my!  To date, I haven’t heard of a Dirty Girl who has broken out with excessive poison ivy.  WEIRD!  It seemed like we were fated to be covered in it!  Despite the major doses of bug spray, some Dirty Girls have been a little itchy.  Chiggers are the likely culprits.  Boo!  Dirty Girls don’t like chiggers!


We moved more quickly than I thought that we would, speedy Dirty Girls.  A couple of Girls bit the dust… or, more exactly, crashed to the rocky ground on their knees.  Owie!  Happily, Dirty Girls are scrappy and they were able to keep on going!  We iced them down for a bit at Dirty Girl Camp.  We reached camp, shucked out of our poison ivy clothes and grabbed cold beverages to chillax around the fire.
Considering that I’m a Dirty Girl and NOT a caterer, the dinner turned out pretty good!  We had some pulled pork, giant baked potatoes with the works, salad and dark chocolate brownies with fresh raspberries for our post hike meal.  Yummy.  It was, overall a good day.  I’d say that we were all feeling great and that we could have easily gone a couple of more miles!


I am feeling so excited and pleased with Dirty Girl Adventures and the adventure that it is bringing into my life!  Great times, great women and an unending excuse to go outside and love it!  The next event, the Dirty Girl Night Hike will be a blast!  Five miles in the dark followed by a bonfire down by the lake; Dirty Dudes invited to come along!  If you can’t join us, go outside wherever and whenever you can!  Take a look around the gorgeous world and take a deep breath and hit the trail!

Adventure and Mayhem!

This last Saturday the original dirty girls (me and my 3 crazy friends) took a kayaking trip down the Delaware River.  Even though it was a little chilly the day was cool and crisp and beautiful!   The puffs of cloud were so white against the bright blue sky. 1382412_10202135696655269_1459057353_n

We had been anticipating the trip and hoping against hope that it wouldn’t rain.   We wore layers and brought extra clothes for the end of the run.  The air temperature was about 55* when we started but the water was pretty warm so I took off my shoes and we paddled away.


… off we go!  There were herons and fish were jumping and all was right with the world.  Julie, aka No-wah- pee, and I paddled along chatting and catching up while Jenn and Julie (the one who can wah-pee) piddled around doing the same thing behind us.  Eventually, we noted that they weren’t catching up and, in fact, it appeared that they had stopped along the bank.  Just as we decided to start backtracking, we saw Jenn paddling towards us.  As we drew together, she said, “Julie’s kayak has a hole in it and she is now swimming.”  Well, you can imagine what our response was (because I’m trying to avoid excessive curse words in this blog)!  We paddled back and I hooked up to her kayak and towed it to shore so she could swim freely.  It should be noted that the water felt good – but only when you were submerged!  So… we hit the shore and Julie was promptly freezing. She stripped down and wrapped up in dry towels and a fleece jacket.    I flipped the kayak, dumped the water and we assessed the situation.  To get to the river, Julie had loaded the kayak onto a trailer with no fender. When the kayak shifted during travel, the tire rubbed a smooth, thin spot in the plastic.  This thinned spot ended up with two slits about 3-4 inches long that were taking on water.


So… what to do when you are on the river and your kayak is sinking and severely damaged??  Well, we took a drink break and a pee break and talked it over.  I busted out my sandwich and used the Ziploc bag to thread through the slits.  We wished for duct tape and pondered other solutions.  We had about an hour back the way we had come or two and a half ahead of us.  We climbed the bank to see the sights and check our location but we were, predictably, in the middle of no where.


By this time, Julie was feeling bad and blaming herself for ruining our trip.  But then, Julie aka MacGyver discovered that she had gum!!  Well, alright!!  At this point, I was laughing pretty hard.  They proceeded to chew up a lot of gum and stuck it along the slits and Ziploc bag patch.  Really.  Seriously.  That’s what they did!


While cracking up, I decided that if we used the stretchy rope from the kayak and the styrofoam cooler lid, we could add buoyancy and sort of cap the gum/bag patch.


Ha.  At this point, my dirty girls decided they needed to join me in drinking wine instead of beer.  So… Dirty Girl ingenuity strikes again!!  Bag o’wine is the best way to transport wine down the river by the way.  Then you can drink it out of a water bottle to prevent spillage!  Or, if desperate for wine, you could use an empty beer bottle….


Well, after fortification of the hole and ourselves, we paddled away full of hope and wine.  It worked!!  Weird!  Now we were enjoying the fabulousness of kayaking down the river, the comradery of being together, my wine and we added SUCCESS!  This made us a little giddy!  We Dirty Girls are scrappy bitches!  So, with lots of laughter we continued down the river.  Julie was paddling along sans a good amount of clothing and had strewn her bra out along the top of the kayak in hopes of the sun drying it out.  As we paddled along, Jenn suddenly yells, “YOUR BRA!!”  and we all turn and watch it slip off the back of the kayak into the river!  It floated for a moment and then slowly sunk out of sight into the dark water.  DOH!  Well, what would you have done??  Julie quickly paddled to shore, stripped the rest of the way down and dived in to find it!  We were skeptical as she went under and SHOCKED when she came up with it in her hand on the first try!


MORE SUCCESS!!  We continued onward.  Julie gave up the idea of drying the bra out and secured it by putting it back on her body!  Now, during this continued ridiculousness, we were having wonderful heart to heart conversation about life, love and happiness.  What a great feeling to spend the day with women who love you, support you and understand you!!  We saw some sights, had more laughs and great conversations as we continued down the river.




We finally hit the Kaw and celebrated with a little yoga on the sandbar.  Feel the flow of love and happiness!





Overall, this turned out to be the best kayaking trip we’ve taken!  This route usually has taken us three to four hours but this day it took us six!  We had a great time all around.  I think we all grew closer to each other mostly due to laughter and total honesty.  Going outside with Dirty Girls is good for your soul – it refreshes!

The Original Dirty Girls!
The Original Dirty Girls!  Love!

Dirty Girls are getting fit and having fun!

Time on the trail as fall begins is more beautiful than ever!  Everyone who has been joining the Dirty Girls for time on the trail has been improving their fitness level and, hopefully, their peace of mind!  We are a diverse group at this point, some are up to running or speed wogging others are just starting out on the trail.  I am SOOO excited to see this moving forward! People are getting outside, stretching their daily routines and working to feel good!
DSC_0126 (2)
I can’t wait for the Half Day Hike.  I am hoping that it freezes once to kill some bugs and maybe cut down the brush.  Even if it doesn’t, it will be awesome!  This will be the hike to bring along the camera – hopefully we will see some good sights!  In addition to the hike, I am looking forward to sitting around the campfire at the end of the hike, relaxing with the Dirty Girls.  I love chillaxing around the fire on any occasion but this will be especially lovely!
I am absolutely thrilled that so many  Dirty Girls are hitting the trail with me.  Lately. I have been focusing on what to do on the days we aren’t on the trail.  I, for one, have been slacking on that a bit!  I need to do some more core strengthening and stretching – I need a day of good yoga each week!  (Someday, when I have a Dirty Girl Clubhouse/outfitter store, I will have yoga twice a week!) So… I am making a goal to add to my usual three days a week on the trail!  I want to ride my bike twice a week, do yoga once a week and ADD some basic strength moves to each workout day.  This will take some practice – new habits always do.  I figure, add some sit ups, push ups (Dirty Girl Jenni has some amazing arms and has inspired me!) and my physical therapy exercises again.  This should only add a thirty minute routine maybe four days a week.  It was sooo much easier when working out was part of my work day!
Dirty Girls don’t give up!!
Exercise and healthy eating are 100% part of my daily life.  Sure, I eat too much of some things.  I eat junk food and I drink, generally in moderation.  It’s not a diet, it is just how life is… adding a few more minutes of exercise shouldn’t be impossible.  I would, of course, love to be thinner and firmer and more fit but really, generally, I feel great!  The motivator for my activity isn’t so much weight loss, (it was 100% about that at one time) now my motivation is being fit, feeling great, sleeping tight and having this awesome energy to live my life.  What motivates you?  Why are you getting up and getting out?  Are there tangible rewards for you?  Are you walking or working out when you aren’t on the trail? If you aren’t exercising and getting outside regularly, how can you work it into your day?  It doesn’t matter if you are fast and cranking out a 30 minute 5K (the cross country boys are doing it in less than 20 minutes!) or walking slowly and steadily down the road, just keep moving! Hang out with some Dirty Girls and get it going on!!

Anybody can be a Dirty Girl!

It’s true!  Well, technically, I guess guys can only be Dirty Dudes but you know what I mean!  Dirty Girls come in different shapes and sizes and different fitness levels as well.  We run, we walk really fast (I have long legs), we jog, we hike slowly.  Sometimes it’s a kick butt, hardcore workout and other times it is a hike intended to truly enjoy and take in the sights and sounds of the trail as well as the company of our peers. (Both of these are a workout.)  We all have a different definition of what that kick butt work out is to us and we all have a different need when we hit the trail or the water.  It just depends on what will refresh and invigorate us at any given moment.

Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet cup fungus! I googled it!
Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet cup fungus!
I googled it!

We have been having a wide variety of Dirty People turn up for the free trail hikes and we LOVE that!!  It seems like a few Dirty Girls might be feeling a little “less than” because they are slower that others.  THAT IS NOT THE GOAL OF THIS!  By coming out, by showing up, by joining in you are all AMAZING!  By getting yourself out and moving in the great outdoors you are taking care of business!  Remember, we are in this because we are taking good care of ourselves!!  Dirty Girls or Dirty Dudes, our goals are varied – fitness, fresh air, fun, adventure, friends!  Don’t let your fitness level keep you home!  If you walk a quarter mile in the time it takes me to walk a mile it doesn’t matter!  We both moved for all the right reasons!!

Don’t hold yourself back!!  Don’t let negative self talk slow you down!  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else just do what you can do and take good care of yourself!!  This means physically and emotionally.  For me, going outside is relaxing and energizing and refreshing. Hosting trail hikes and other outdoor adventures helps by providing accountability and good company!  Grab a Dirty Girl and get outside!!  Feel empowered and energized!  Get stronger!DSCF4338

It's the FIRST post!!

Hello all you Dirty Girls!!  I am so VERY excited about this new endeavor and I am SO thankful for the already amazing response from all of you out there!!  Our trademark and logo are pending but in the works which is awesome and a little bit scary.  I have been thinking and dreaming about doing something like this for a long time now and suddenly it’s happening.  It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for my most awesome and amazing Original Dirty Girls.

Me with two of the Original Dirty Girls last summer!
Me with two of the Original Dirty Girls last summer!

These friends are so wonderful and supportive and they are full of energy and creativity.  Here are some of the things we are working on right now…
First, the trademark of Dirty Girl Adventures and our almost done logo.  This will be amazing and will lead directly to some fabulous Dirty Girl swag – most excitedly for me at the moment a t-shirt and a decal!
Also, we are working out the details of membership in this great adventure club.  We will soon have memberships for local and distant Dirty Girls.  With membership you will get some cool stuff (mostly as of yet undetermined but obviously including the decal and t-shirt which will doubtless be amazing)!  It has been very interesting thus far… chatting with various women about this idea.  It would appear that either you are a Dirty Girl or you’re not!  Some women just look at me like it is the weirdest thing they have ever heard.  This is when I change the subject.  Other women are immediately SUPER, OVERWHELMINGLY EXCITED!  These are obviously the true DIRTY GIRLS!  Obviously we must UNITE!
Next, we are discussing the need for development of Dirty Girl Chapters.  I’m not yet sure how this will work but it seems like a good idea.   How else will we find Dirty Girls from across the country?
Dirty Girls on Lake Perry Kansas
Dirty Girls on Lake Perry Kansas

I am already planning an adventure in Colorado for next summer.  Dirty Girls Do Pike’s Peak!  Seems like a pretty hard core activity, hiking a 14’er but it will no doubt be amazing.  The research and planning portion of this adventure is already underway.  In addition, future travels will definitely include a little jaunt into the Smoky Mountains to retreat in a super cute and comfy cabin while hiking on the Appalachian trail!
One thing to remember is that Dirty Girls can dream big dreams!  The trick is to take the next step and make the dreams come true!!   Make some time for yourself today, go outside and get dirty! Here are a couple of pictures of past adventures to inspire you!  I am going to hop on the Harley and ride today.  What are you going to do?
Bald Eagles on Perry Lake  Kansas.
Bald Eagles on Perry Lake Kansas.