Dirty Girl Adventures Event Refund Policy

Refunds are given up to one week before the date of the event no questions asked.  If refunds impact our minimum, the event will be canceled and everyone will get a refund.  One week prior to the event, refunds are not given unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Dirty Girl Adventures Private Event Cancelation Policy

Dirty Girl Adventures may cancel an event due to weather conditions. Everyone will receive a refund if that is the reason for the cancellation.  We will paddle and hike in cool, rainy, or snowy conditions.  Cancellation only occurs in severe weather or other dangerous conditions.

Equipment Policy

You break it or lose it you buy it.

Current Policies and procedures for Covid -19

Procedures for Covid -19 are ever-changing. Our company policy is to work to make the least comfortable more comfortable and the most comfortable more cautious. We support and understand different preferences for managing safety protocols and promote an environment that accepts differences without judgment. We will all respect each other’s views and practices working to meet them with empathy and respect.

DGA COVID-19 Guidelines:  In preparing to join us, please note that we will adhere to all suggested COVID-19 prevention guidelines including social distancing recommendations. These will change with the changing guidelines provided by our state and local governments.

Guideline Boats & Gear

Oyo’s:  Bring your own kayak or canoe, paddle, life jacket, food, water, and everything you need to be self-sufficient for the day.  

Renters:  DGA will provide kayaks, paddles, and life jackets.  Consider bringing your own life jacket if you have one.  Everything we provide will be disinfected prior to your using it and when you are done using it. Bring your own food, water, and everything you need to be self-sufficient for the day. 

Guideline Shuttling/Transportation

Shuttles:  Depending on the event, DGA may provide a shuttle service for your vehicle.  Shuttle service means that SOMEONE ELSE will be driving YOUR vehicle from the put-in location to the get out location (new permission slip required).  We will provide our drivers with sanitation supplies and guidelines.  When you arrive, you will complete a tag form then give your key to the shuttle coordinator.  Prior to driving, the shuttle driver will spray your vehicle with Lysol and wipe your steering wheel with bleach wipes.  Shuttle drivers will lock all keys in the DGA lockbox which will be locked within the DGA truck. When the keys are returned to you, you will receive sanitizing supplies for your vehicle.

Bus Rides:  When we make use of the bus we will follow all group sizes, social distancing, and sanitizing recommendations.  When we use the bus, riders will be REQUIRED to wear a mask. Participants will not touch seat backs or other surfaces while boarding. We will fill the bus from the back towards the front. The bus will be sanitized with spray prior to use and post-use. Participants will sit with those who are within their quaran-team. OYO’s will leave all of their gear at the put-in location in order to minimize gear on the bus.

Guideline Maintaining Distance  Please respect the minimum 6 ft. of distance space at the boat ramp, on the water, and on the sandbar.  Remember, it is our role to work together to provide for the comfort of the group.  Please be respectful and considerate of each other’s choices and preferences for social distancing.  Allow for and respect differences of opinion.  Dirty Girl Adventures, LLC will ALWAYS work to follow all guidelines and procedures as suggested by our Governor, County Health Officer, and the CDC.  We appreciate your working with us to ensure the safety and comfort of all.