The Dirty Girl Creed  

Dirty Girls are all different and they accept other Dirty Girls as they are; black, white, brown, tall, short, fat, skinny or strong, gay or straight, loud, quiet, shy, or silly. Dirty Girls are all beautiful in their own way. Dirty Girls are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, single, divorced, married, but above all, strong in spirit and independent.

Dirty Girls Love the Outdoors

They carry their own kayaks and put up their own tents. Dirty Girls are not afraid to get muddy or sweaty and they do not get a manicure before going camping. (Sometimes after…)


A Dirty Girl is Not Afraid of Anything

But still might scream (a little) at surprises like a snake dropping in her canoe or a fish jumping in her kayak!

Dirty Girls are Smart

They remember to pack extra sunscreen, extra beer, and a rope in their kayak in order to be prepared for any eventuality or to tow injured friends back to the boat ramp.  

Dirty Girls Make Time for Themselves

Not because they are selfish but because they are smart!

Dirty Girls Have A Positive Body Image

They don’t say anything about their own bodies that they wouldn’t say to their Dirty Girl Friend!

Dirty Girls Are Open to Learning New Things

They aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it! 

Dirty Girls Know How to Pee in the Water and the Woods

 Except for Dirty Girl No-wah-pee who is the exception!

Dirty Girls Cry

When they drop their phone, camera, or beer in the water, but Dirty Girls are resilient and after a lot of cussing, move on!

Dirty Girls Learn What Poison Ivy Looks Like

A Dirty Girl knows what to do when she gets poison ivy on her butt; A Dirty Girl knows what poison ivy looks like, but hey, it happens to everyone!

Dirty Girls Are

Fun, funny, sensitive, kind, loyal, and a little crazy.


Dirty Girls Independent and Can Stand Alone

She doesn’t need a man, but she loves a Dirty Guy!  A Dirty Guy is strong, supportive, faithful, loyal, and loving.  Dirty Guys love their Dirty Girls just the way they are – if they don’t then Dirty Girls don’t need them!

Dirty Girls Are Not Impressed

Men in big trucks with balls hanging from their bumpers do not impress Dirty Girls.

Dirty Girls Are Kind

A Dirty Girl does not say bad things about another Dirty Girl.

Dirty Girls Don’t Give Up

They are determined and never give up. Dirty Girls fall off their mountain bikes, but keep ongoing. 

Dirty Girls Are Tough

They don’t let a little blood stop them (stitches don’t hurt much).

Dirty Girls Are Encouraging

They work together and encourage each other to have fun and to be independent.


Dirty Girls Won’t Judge

If you are friends with a Dirty Girl, you can tell her anything and she won’t judge you.

Dirty Girl Journey

Dirty Girls believe that life is a journey, changing all the time.