Get to Know the Dirty Girls: Marie Meador

If you’ve stopped in at Compass Point over the last year, whether that be for a live music event, yoga, or just to shop, you’ve probably seen Marie! She is often adding new products to the inventory system, finding new ways to keep things organized at the counter and helping people find gear. 

Marie has been a Dirty Girl member for about five years. Her first Dirty Girl Adventures event was the Eagle Hike. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Eagle Hike, it’s an annual event in late January where the Dirty Girls hike to a special location where it’s very likely you’ll see eagles, nests and other wildlife.

Eagle Hike

“The Eagle Hike intrigued me as I love seeing eagles, so I convinced my daughter to join me. We did the Eagle Hike two years in a row. I officially joined Dirty Girl Adventures five years ago.”

Each year, Marie really enjoyed the Eagle Hikes but was happy when she found another Dirty Girl to motivate her to try some other hikes and even an Intro to Kayaking event. After that, the rest was history, as most ladies say after a few DGA events. 

“Now, I have hiked the All the Way (29-mile hike at Perry Lake)  twice, attempted Pike’s Peak, kayaked the Kaw several times and a section of the Buffalo River,” says Marie.

Marie hiking at Pike’s Peak with her daughter.

Marie is an avid volunteer for multiple organizations. She has helped with Her Hikers, an organization that helps to get girls in 3-6th grade to enjoy the outdoors and is a volunteer firefighter in her hometown. Additionally, she helps keep things running smoothly at Compass Point and is a Certified Dirty Girl Sweep. 

“After doing several hikes, I have learned what my hiking pace is and I’m now a Certified Diry Girl Sweep, where I help others at the end of the group to hike their own hike.  At DGA it’s not a race, its an activity accessible to everyone with no judgment.”

In 2016, Marie completed her first All the Way hike and it is her favorite memory with DGA. 

“Thanks to Jennifer’s encouragement, I made it both days. That’s when I learned the best place for me was at the back of the hiking group. I may be the last to come in, but I enjoy taking my time and encouraging others that they can succeed too,” says Marie.   

Marie has also conquered her fear of water through many kayaking events with DGA. Her first time in a kayak was an overnight float on the Kaw River from Lawrence to Eudora. Denise and Jenn helped her with her paddling techniques and she learned to pick a sandbar to pitch her tent and set up camp. 

“This trip led me to many more trips on the Kaw and even stretches of the Buffalo River with other Dirty Girls,” she said.   

Marie is one of the most steadfast supporters of Dirty Girl Adventures supporters and we appreciate her generosity. Swing by the shop next time you’re in Topeka and say hi to Marie!

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