Weekend Backpacking Checklist- Part 3

This time around, we’re going over an important part of your packing that is probably the easiest area to overpack- toiletries. This is also one of those areas you’ll be surprised how little you can get by with.

The first thing you’ll need is some sort of small bag for your toiletry items. We’ve got a couple of great items in the shop that make for great backpacking toiletry bags. Check it out!

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Osprey Dry Sacks

The Osprey Dry sacks are designed to keep the contents of your pack organized and bone dry. They are made with a roll-top waterproof closure with waterproof coated fabric/seams. The sacks also come in a variety of colors, so you could have your first aid in “electric lime” and your toiletries in “shadow gray” for color-coded organization in your pack.

Cotopaxi Del Dia Dopp Kit

The Dopp Kit is a home-away-from-home for your toothbrush and other grooming accessories while on the trail (or anywhere, really). The spacious main compartment is complemented by two internal side sleeves, and a large loop of webbing doubles as a carry handle and hang loop.

All Cotopaxi products are made in the Philippines using leftover materials from other companies’ production runs that could have gone to a landfill.

The awesome thing about Cotopaxi’s Del Dia line is that each piece is put together by Philippine employees who put together the funky color combos that make each pack distinct, giving them final creative control over every product in the Del Día family. When you pick up one of these packs, what you’re seeing is the “signature” of the employees who made it.

100% repurposed and 100% funky, each Dopp Kit is one of a kind!!


Your beauty routine while backpacking will be pretty limited and should focus mainly on hygiene. Depending on where you are and how long your adventure will be, you might add in a few extra items. First things first……


Kula Cloth– Ope, what do ya know- here we are raving about the Kula Cloth once again. Seriously, it’s the best. Made with antimicrobial cloth, its never been easier to keep your lady parts clean in the outdoors.

Sunscreen– The last thing you want while backpacking is a sunburn (well, there are some worse things…but trust us, you don’t want a sunburn). Get some water-resistant sunscreen with a higher SPF that comes in a small tube so it easily fits in your toiletry bag.

Lip balm– Not sure what’s worse, chapped lips or a sunburn. It’s so tiny there’s really no excuse to not bring some. Choose a balm with natural, organic ingredients that will keep your lips hydrated and protected We’re pretty loyal to Burt’s Bees.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste- Make sure you go with travel-size to save you lots of space.

Poop Kit- Your Kula Cloths’ partner in crime, the poop kit! In order to comply with the Leave No Trace Principles, you should follow these steps to dispose of waste properly. This is a durable, affordable and practical trowel for your poop kit. Toilet paper/wet wipes and a zip lock back are the other components you’ll need.

Wet wipes- These really have so many uses on the trail. First reason for the above topic^^ (toilet paper works too), but also wiping yourself down for a little refresher after a long day of hiking. Be sure to pack a zip-lock bag to dispose of your wet wipes/toilet paper and other trash.

Hand sanitizer- an obvious must-have before eating and after going to the bathroom!

Optional Additional Items

Deodorant- Believe us, you can live without it. You’ll be stinky, but that’s part of it. However, if you are going on a short backpacking trip with not a whole lot of weight in your pack, you can totally get away with throwing in a travel sized deodorant.

Gold Bond powder- Depending on who you are, you might argue this as a must-have item. If it’s humid and hot where you’re hiking, you may be prone to chafing and this stuff will be your saving grace.

Hair brush- If you absolutely can’t stand your hair being a ratty mess, you can throw in a small hair brush if your pack isn’t too heavy. But really, it’s okay if you end up looking like Hagrid off Harry Potter.

Witch hazel & cotton rounds- This is a great add-in for shorter trips where you aren’t trying to spare as much weight as possible. Get a travel-sized spray bottle and fill it with witch hazel. Spray a cotton round with the witch hazel at the end of a long day on the trail and boom, you have a clean face!

Be sure to adjust based on your own personal and specific needs and always research location specifics before you go!

Photo from the Backpacking Sanctuary

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