Adventure Bingo

The Adventure Bingo card is filled with DGA activities and Compass Point events.  Most of the bingo squares require you to attend an event with us or do some sort of outdoor activity on your own, share it on social media and tag us!

The current plan is to have an Adventure Bingo every quarter— so this bingo game will run from September 1-December 31.

Here are the rules…you can choose to turn in your card for a single bingo (5 spaces in a line marked)  OR keep going for a blackout (entire card marked). The first person to get a blackout ends the game until next quarter. If you choose to turn in your card for a single bingo, you have to turn in your card and can’t keep going for a blackout. Once you need a square marked off, show us your proof and we will sticker your bingo card. To get your Adventure Bingo card, you must come into the shop and grab one!

Now for the fun part…prizes!

If you choose to turn in your card for a single bingo, you can choose one of the following for your prize:

  • Free yoga class
  • Sticker of choice
  • DGA camping cup
  • Compass Point koozie w/ a beer
  • Canister of Republic of Tea (flavor of your choice) 

The first lucky person who gets a blackout to end the game will receive a black Dirty Girl Adventure canvas bag (on display at the shop) with the following items:

  • 3-liter Osprey dry sack
  • Wakami “Adventure” bracelet
  • Sawyer bug spray
  • Yoga punch card 
  • Shirt, tank top or hat of choice
  • Bring a friend for 1/2 off next event of choice

Once again, you must come into the shop to get your bingo card. If you have any questions about Adventure Bingo, shoot us a message on Facebook!

5 Replies to “Adventure Bingo”

    1. So glad you want to participate! Part of the idea behind the Adventure Bingo is to get people to come into Compass Point and interact with us! To get your bingo card, come into the shop and let whoever is at the desk know you’d like a card. 🙂

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