Get to Know the Dirty Girls: Jen Sieben

Three years ago, Jen Sieben moved to Perry, Kansas. Shortly after her move, she was at the courthouse in Oskaloosa signing papers. Walking out of the courthouse that day, she noticed a bus parked on the street. But it wasn’t just any old, regular bus— it was the Dirty Bus! If you’ve gone on an adventure with us in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve seen or rode in the Dirty Bus. 

“When I laid eyes on it, I knew it had to be some sort of bus for an adventure company. So, I googled it as soon as I got back home,” said Jen. Upon searching through the DGA website, Jen really connected with the Dirty Girl Creed. Next thing she knew, she was paddling down the Kansas river on an adventure with the Dirty Girls. 

“Dirty Girl Adventures was an instant resource to women who do the things that I enjoy doing. I’ve built so many connections with like-minded women who are kind, helpful and adventurous,” she says. 

Jen’s favorite Dirty Girl event is the Ass Kicker. This 20-mile paddle from Lawrence to DeSoto is at the end of August, so kayakers paddle through the summer heat all day. It’s quite the challenge, but the experience is so rewarding— spending time on the Mighty Kaw with wonderful women. 

Every Thursday at Compass Point, Jen teaches an hour-long yoga class. She’s been practicing yoga for 25 years and has been a certified yoga teacher for six years. Upon completing her yoga teacher training in 2014, she opened up her own community yoga room in Concordia and taught around 14 classes every week. 

“I wanted to provide that service to as many people as possible because it is so beneficial physically, emotionally and mentally. Yoga builds strength, courage, faith and community, all while preparing you for the trail, the lake, the river and more life off the mat,” Jen says. 

As an avid outdoorswoman and yoga teacher, Jen makes it a priority to connect with the environment and get a different perspective.  An important piece of being a Dirty Girl is getting out on the river or the trail and taking in all that nature gives to the eye— the expansive blue sky, riverbanks, trees and more. 

“You learn so much about yourself when you’re hiking, kayaking and doing yoga. Being outside ALWAYS helps boost your mood,” said Jen. 

Jen has a long adventure bucket list and she’s taking on a new project to ensure she crosses off all the places on her list….turning a Ford E-150 van into a camper! The van’s name is “Raya Sunshine.” 

“I am trying to do most of it on my own, but my husband helps me a lot. So far, I’ve ripped everything out, treated rust, sealed the back door for leaks and now I’m working on window shades,” she said.

We are excited to follow along with her progress on “Raya Sunshine”. Come see Jen on Thursday’s for yoga at Compass Point!