Get to Know the Dirty Girls: Mary Hogan

Back in 2014 when Mary Hogan heard about Dirty Girl Adventures from a co-worker, she had no idea it would end up changing her life for the better. She went home from work that day, did some research and signed up for a kayaking event at Lake Perry later that month. 

“I’d always been a water girl. I grew up boating and had done lots of canoeing in my life,” says Mary. 

In fact, on a family canoeing trip years prior, she had to rent a kayak because the outfitter ran out of canoe rentals. She enjoyed the kayak and decided to purchase one, but never had anyone to go with. 

After retirement, Mary was in a wired state-of-mind. She didn’t have her co-workers to talk to every day or much of a reason to leave the house. Everything worked itself out for her after joining Dirty Girl Adventures. She found an empowering clan of women who enjoyed outdoor adventure and other similar activities as she does, such as quilting. 

“Dirty Girl Adventures has opened up so many opportunities for me and has brought so many wonderful women into my life,” says Mary. 

Mary has gone on many adventures outside of DGA with other Dirty Girls. From rafting down the Buffalo River and ziplining in Arkansas, to wine tasting and kayaking in the Eminence, Missouri area, she has connected to a clan of women who are always ready for an adventure, no matter where.

When Mary signed up for the very first Ass Kicker kayak paddle in 2015, she didn’t think she could do it and she most definitely didn’t think it would become her favorite adventure memory.

“I didn’t think there was a chance I could ever kayak 20 miles. But I did. I have learned that I don’t have limitations,” she said. 

Some of Mary’s favorite places to adventure in Kansas are the hiking and biking trails in Perry, the Iliff Commons trails and Banner Lake in Holton. Although she loves to hike and kayak Kansas, she has an adventure bucket list that includes hiking the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and various places in colorful Colorado. 

Aside from adventuring and helping out at Compass Point, Mary is also a longtime Purple Martin landlord. These birds depend on humans to provide them with a nest during their migration from Brazil to Canada. The birds arrive mid-March and start laying eggs in early May. Babies begin hatching in June and usually leave by mid to late July.

“Helping the Purple Martins brings me joy and a way to do my part in nature,” said Mary.

You can catch Mary at Compass Point helping out at the shop or on an adventure. Here is a photo of Mary with a beaver skull she found on a kayaking adventure this summer.