March Madness: an excellent adventure!

The day dawned bright and beautiful on March 5th, 2016 making it a perfect day for a Dirty Girl Adventure!  We gathered around the campfire to start the hike, socializing and anticipating.  The trail was difficult with rocky inclines and declines and twists and turns following the natural edge of the lake.  The women arrived and gathered with a palpable sense of anticipation and eagerness for adventure.
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With some initial instruction and explanation of the route and the Dirty Girl technique of lead, sweep and support, we began with some yogic stretching and then we hit the trail!
We were amazed by the weather, calm and sunny.  Our time on the trail was spent with conversation and connection.  The front of the group moved fairly quickly while the tail took their time – no Dirty Girl left behind!  We aren’t racing, we are just hiking and talking and cultivating awareness of the amazing nature around us.  The Perry Lake Hiking Biking Trails are wonderfully maintained by the Kansas Trails Council.
I’m not so great at articulating the amazingness that occurrs during aDirty Girl Adventure, but luckily we were accompanied by a reporter from the Topeka Capital Journal, Morgan Chilson who is much more skilled at articulating what an adventure is like!  Click here to read the article she wrote. It has pictures, because photographer Emily Deshazer was along for the hike as well!  We knew that they would be writing an article, but the part where it was amazing and full of great stuff, true stuff about what it’s like to be part of a Dirty Girl Adventure was overwhelmingly excellent.  What an honor, not just for us, but for all of the Dirty Girls who make up the rich and supportive community we call the Dirty Girl Club!  She was a little challenged to hike the whole 8 miles, it’s quite the challenge  so you can read Morgan’s op ed piece here – she needs wine!
FB_IMG_1457272117627We may need to add a new section to the Dirty Girl Creed that mentions that “anytime a Dirty Girl needs an adult beverage post-hike she needs only ask”.  We ended with quality time around the the fire connecting with the Dirty Girls!  Our next big hiking adventure is coming up, 8 More Miles will be on April 2nd, the Dirty Girls Get Away: Hike and Retreat at the Lied Lodge and Indian Cave State Park is April 29th through May 1st and the Down and Dirty 3 Mile will be on May 7th.  There is an adventure for everyone at Dirty Girl Adventures!
These Dirty Girls took the funniest picture!  😀
Photos by Emily Deshazer, Denise Selbee-Koch, Jennifer Hix, Kay Kuglin-Smith, Lorraine Leicht Gillgannon.