2nd Annual Ass Kicker! SOLD OUT!!!!

In order to register for this BIG event, you must meet the following requirements:
Be a member of the Dirty Girls Club.
Have paddled down the Kansas River at least once this summer.
Promise that you are up to a potentially tough challenge of paddling all day!  ie: no whining, once you are in you are committed!
This run will be from Lawrence to DeSoto, a total of 20 miles!  The Kansas River will likely running low and slow and the temps will no doubt be toasty hot!  This is totally doable but the tough part is predicting the weather and the water.  If the river stays low and slow, no rain, big wind, hot sun… super ass kicker!  If we get some rain and the day is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. we will be sitting pretty!  We won’t know until the day of the event!  Sunday, August 24th – OYO’s will drop gear in Lawrence at the 8th Street Boat Ramp at 9am, we will meet in DeSoto at 9:30 to catch the Party Bus getting on the water around 10am.  We will plan for 8-10 hours of paddling, depending on the weather and conditions, so we’ll be off the water by 8:30 at the latest – sun down.
Only 20 kayaks will be available and 10 spots for Own Your Own -30 Dirty Girls plus the Dirty Mamas and the Dirty Mutha!  😀
Your fee will include an amazing t-shirt (“I kicked ass with the Dirty Girls!” “2nd Annual Ass Kicker – 20 Miles on the Kaw 8-24-14” and some coolio graphics!)
We will do lots of stopping to stretch and play – yoga is a good relief when yaking down the river!

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