The 8 Mile was GREAT!

Wow!  If you participated in this event then I am confident that you had a good time and felt like you really accomplished something!  (At least that’s what you told me! 😀 Hope you still feel that way!)  As the Original Dirty Girl, I am SOOOOOO pleased with the first official event!  37 people completed the 8-Mile!  It was such an amazing response I had to hire a party bus to transport us to the Trailhead!
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This was a tough hike.  Very rocky, hilly and of course, 8 miles long!  It was also about 30* which was surprisingly comfortable for the most part.  The breeze was a bit brisk sometimes but, hey, we’re Dirty Girls!
We saw many eagles and had time to begin getting to know each other.  We all have different fitness levels but the best thing?  We ALL did it!  What an accomplishment!  My favorite quote from the day was a woman who, when talking about advice to our younger selves, said, “Don’t wait until you are 52 to go on your first 8 mile hike!”  Well said!  I’m hoping that more people will join us for the next events (Another 8 is coming up on April 6th followed by the Down and Dirty 3 Mile April 26th!) so that they can let their “Dirty Girl” spirit shine! Invite all of your Dirty Friends!

DSCF4636 DSCF4646 DSCF4635DSCF4644


Slow and steady through the woods!  She was smiling beneath her scarf!


Nope, her legs weren’t cold!  😀


Some, but not all, of the Adventurers!


These girls!  They didn’t believe that this kind of terrain existed in Kansas but they kicked butt on trail regardless! Great work Dirty Girls!

DSC_6634 DSC_6637

We ended the 8 – Mile at our official Dirty Girl Clubhouse, Hog Holler for some refreshments, door prizes and some more camaraderie!  I am lucky to have the Dirty Mama’s as part of the Dirty Girl Team as well as my mom and family!  Great helpers!

DSCF4668Me and two of the three Dirty Mamas! LOVE this picture!  Thanks to my wonderful Dirty Girl Mary for taking pictures!  Here is a link to her facebook page Photos Here & There.


This is MY Original Dirty Mama and her little Nikki – thanks for helping!

DSC_6646 DSC_6652 DSC_6653

I especially love the photobomber on the right!  Funny Dirty Girls!


DSC_6655 DSC_6659 DSC_6635Thanks to all those who donated door prizes.  Carolyn’s Natural Soaps and Hog Holler and my friend Pam from Origami Owl  I hope that those that I purchased were to your liking as well!  I do love some smart wool socks and wine!  😀  More diversity in prizes coming with the next events!

Overall, things went very well.  We will be making some improvements for the next adventure “Another 8” so I hope that you and all your Dirty Friends will consider joining us!  We have also added another event, the Down and Dirty 3 Mile (actually a 5K course on trail – perfect for beginners or experienced Dirty Girls.  This event is for Dirty Girls only.) Check them out and sign up as soon as possible!

Let’s get Dirty!

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