March! It's almost spring… make a goal!

So, there is a big winter storm forecast for our area.  Tomorrow is March 1st and everyone I know is more than ready for spring to come!  After arriving home from the last High School basketball game of the season (glory be!), I thought I would peruse my computer for signs of spring.  These are what I randomly found …. From March 2012 in beautiful Jefferson County in Northeast Kansas!  Keep your eyes peeled for similar sights within the next month!
Oh, wait!  The next two are from Milford Lake in Riley County!  My friend Shelley and I competed in the Thumper Adventure Race with Lake Adventures at Lake Milford in early March 2012.  Here we are plotting our course…
Below we are traipsing through the Eastern Red Cedar trees while searching for a check point.  I think we placed first in our division of two women teams.  It was a tough race but a beautiful day!  We ran through ash from a grass fire, carried our bikes through the woods after a navigational error and had an AMAZING time!  (photos courtesy Lake Adventures)
420374_3536015448259_1508543598_3165682_513298445_nLater in March, while hiking the Perry Lake Trail, I found these Dutchman’s Breeches sprouting in a sunny spot along the trail.
DSCF4117Spring brings everything to life and adds green to the now tired brown.  Snails are cool!
DSC_0150These are also native wild flowers, Trillium or Wakerobin.  They are a sure sign that spring has come to the woods.  Soon they will be popping up along the trail!
DSC_0147DSC_0117When the Eastern Redbuds pop, the edges of the woods are glorious!
Dirty Girls, this spring is your time to bloom!  Make some goals right now!  Waiting for next Monday or next month or tomorrow won’t get you to the next season!  Take a look at the adventures that are planned here  but, IN ADDITION to those – make some plans of your own!  Set some personal goals for your own self care today!  Drink more water, move your body more often (every day??), spend some quality time with your Dirty Dude or your Dirty Kids or your Dirty Girls (love that last one!)!  I will share some of my own goals for this adventure season soon.  First though, I think I will need to share some kayak photos and inspiration! Stay tuned for that!
Stay strong and brave and true!  Make your goals and share them with your Dirty Girl friends for accountability!  You can comment here, on the facebook page when this posts or in an email to me!
Meanwhile, look forward – move forward! Hope to see you on the trail soon!

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