Another 8 is coming SOON!

As I was writing this, I randomly found this quote and felt that it applied to Dirty Girl Adventures.  Both the adventuring itself and the wonderful Dirty Girls and Guys that are along for the ride!

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”  

– Helen Keller


The Dirty Mamas hiked the section of the Perry Lake Trail that is slotted for the next event, “Another 8”, and it was MARVELOUS!  Of course, we were doubly blessed with a beautiful 70* day which no doubt added to the awesomeness.


This section of the Perry Lake Trail is less rocky than the section we did last time.  While it does have some tough inclines it is also less hilly.  It crosses through quite a bit of open land though and wearing long pants is recommended. There were a lot of scratchy spots along the way – knee socks and shorts would work, too.  This section of the trail will also allow for a couple of check points and water refill spots – our “Token Male” Gregg will be helping us out for this.  Yay!  Also, we each took some sun and spotted at least one tick and a couple of mosquitoes so break out the SPF moisturizer and sunscreen as well as some bug spray for this one!  The 70* day increased our water consumption – I finished my entire 2.0 liters of water before we were done.  If the weather is warm in April, be sure to hydrate the day before the event as well as bringing a good amount of water.  (Of course, you should be hydrating every day anyway!)


As we hiked, we really enjoyed the conversation and the scenery.  A goal for “Another 8” is to SLOW DOWN and refresh, recharge and rejuvenate!  We will work to accommodate everyone’s comfortable pace but want to encourage you to relax, sight see and conversate! As we move into spring, it is a good time to contemplate our self care and rejuvenation. Taking a long walk in the woods is a great way to do it!  We also found this rocking awesome rock beach along the way!  It was a great spot to relax and decompress. Our entire group will stop here to chillax during the hike.


For “Another 8” we will meet at Hog Holler for registration and check in around noon.  It looks like the Party Bus will be back to transport us to the Trail Head on Ferguson where we will have feet on the trail by 1pm.  We will travel over some hilly and rocky terrain as well as through some open land for approximately 8 miles to get to the Dirty Girl Club House at Hog Holler.  This is not a run. It is a hike, a stroll.  Pacing is important, not just for our sightseeing enjoyment and conversation but, when we hike the entire 30 miles later in October we are not going to want to go too fast!  My anticipation is that we will travel approximately 30 minutes per mile arriving at Hog Holler between 4:00 – 5:00. Door Prizes will be drawn at 5:30!  Those who are wearing a Dirty Girl Adventures shirt will receive an additional ticket for the drawing.  This event is open to Dirty Girls, Dirty Guys and Dirty Teens. When we arrive at Hog Holler, we will be rewarded for our efforts with a 20% discount on our late lunches and relax in the official Dirty Girl Club House!


Details: Sunday, April 6th, 2014, 12:00pm – 6:30ish
Early T-shirt Registration:  $25 by March 23rd!  This will get you a great day with fun but slightly Dirty Peeps and the potential for some fairly awesome prizes!  Dirty Girls do it in the Woods! T-shirt included in this price! Now available – unisex t-shirts instead of only the ladies cut!


No T-shirt Registration:  $10 up to the day of the event. You already own a great “Dirty Girls do it in the Woods!” T-shirt so wear it or something else and you will be eligible for prizes and you will enjoy the day with the Dirty Peeps!
Supplies:  WATER, comfy hiking shoes, camera, light snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, charged but turned off phone for emergencies or photos, $ for a delicious meal, beverages or snack at the official Dirty Girl Clubhouse at Hog Holler Saloon!

The 8 Mile was GREAT!

Wow!  If you participated in this event then I am confident that you had a good time and felt like you really accomplished something!  (At least that’s what you told me! 😀 Hope you still feel that way!)  As the Original Dirty Girl, I am SOOOOOO pleased with the first official event!  37 people completed the 8-Mile!  It was such an amazing response I had to hire a party bus to transport us to the Trailhead!
DSCF4631 - Copy
This was a tough hike.  Very rocky, hilly and of course, 8 miles long!  It was also about 30* which was surprisingly comfortable for the most part.  The breeze was a bit brisk sometimes but, hey, we’re Dirty Girls!
We saw many eagles and had time to begin getting to know each other.  We all have different fitness levels but the best thing?  We ALL did it!  What an accomplishment!  My favorite quote from the day was a woman who, when talking about advice to our younger selves, said, “Don’t wait until you are 52 to go on your first 8 mile hike!”  Well said!  I’m hoping that more people will join us for the next events (Another 8 is coming up on April 6th followed by the Down and Dirty 3 Mile April 26th!) so that they can let their “Dirty Girl” spirit shine! Invite all of your Dirty Friends!

DSCF4636 DSCF4646 DSCF4635DSCF4644


Slow and steady through the woods!  She was smiling beneath her scarf!


Nope, her legs weren’t cold!  😀


Some, but not all, of the Adventurers!


These girls!  They didn’t believe that this kind of terrain existed in Kansas but they kicked butt on trail regardless! Great work Dirty Girls!

DSC_6634 DSC_6637

We ended the 8 – Mile at our official Dirty Girl Clubhouse, Hog Holler for some refreshments, door prizes and some more camaraderie!  I am lucky to have the Dirty Mama’s as part of the Dirty Girl Team as well as my mom and family!  Great helpers!

DSCF4668Me and two of the three Dirty Mamas! LOVE this picture!  Thanks to my wonderful Dirty Girl Mary for taking pictures!  Here is a link to her facebook page Photos Here & There.


This is MY Original Dirty Mama and her little Nikki – thanks for helping!

DSC_6646 DSC_6652 DSC_6653

I especially love the photobomber on the right!  Funny Dirty Girls!


DSC_6655 DSC_6659 DSC_6635Thanks to all those who donated door prizes.  Carolyn’s Natural Soaps and Hog Holler and my friend Pam from Origami Owl  I hope that those that I purchased were to your liking as well!  I do love some smart wool socks and wine!  😀  More diversity in prizes coming with the next events!

Overall, things went very well.  We will be making some improvements for the next adventure “Another 8” so I hope that you and all your Dirty Friends will consider joining us!  We have also added another event, the Down and Dirty 3 Mile (actually a 5K course on trail – perfect for beginners or experienced Dirty Girls.  This event is for Dirty Girls only.) Check them out and sign up as soon as possible!

Let’s get Dirty!

A Down and Dirty 3 Miles!

Join Dirty Girl Adventures for a GREAT short hike!  This hike is designed to meet the needs of every Dirty Girl!  This event is for Dirty Girls ONLY!
We will have a lovely, three mile hike through the woods and some quality time together around the campfire with refreshments when we are done.
Are you a Dirty Girl with no interest in taking a LONG hike?  This one is for YOU! Are you a Dirty Girl interested in being outside with a group of AWESOME women? This one is for YOU!  Do you have a friend who is interested in checking out the Dirty Girls but not yet ready for an 8 mile hike?  Bring her along!
You can walk, run or crawl this three mile loop near gorgeous Lake Perry.  The trail is rocky, hilly and somewhat challenging.  There is plenty of scenery and several handy stopping points to rest and take in the view.  We will provide trail support for the entire distance.
Details: Saturday, April 26th, 2014, 1:00pm – 5:00ish
3:00 is the anticipated end time for most hikers and it is when the door prizes will be awarded.  We will hang out around the fire for snacks and your choice of beverage for an unknown length of time!
Registration:  $10 by April 7th!  This will get you a great day with fun but slightly Dirty Peeps and the potential for some fairly awesome prizes!
You are welcome to show up the day of but quality of snacks will be aided by pre-registration!  😀
Check in: 12:00pm (location TBD)
Hike: 1:00pm
Snacks:  Available at the Dirty Girl Campfire after the hike!  Water will be provided and you can bring your choice of beverages for around the fire.
Supplies:  WATER, comfy hiking shoes, camera, charged but turned off phone for emergencies or photos, another would be Dirty Girl friend!

Kayaking: beautiful, relaxing, exercise, floating… friends!

People often ask questions about kayaking… will I flip?  Will I tip? I might be claustrophobic or stuck.  I really don’t swim well. I’ve got no upper body strength.  I don’t have a kayak!  Well, news for you peeps!!  Kayaking is easier than you think!  It can be a hard core work out, but it can also be relaxing!  At Dirty Girl Adventures we use recreational kayaks and anyone can use them!  We can teach you how and provide you with access to a kayak!  We have life jackets and sunscreen!  You might really love this… here are a few pictures of Dirty Girls kayaking and the things we’ve seen along the way! These are from the Kansas River, the Delaware River, Lake Perry and my mom and I are on Tuttle Creek Lake!
Take a look and start to envision yourself in a kayak, on the water. Comfortable, confident and relaxed.  I think you can do it if it is something that appeals to you!  Give it some thought then give us a try at the Kayak Extravaganza!  We will teach you what you need to know to get on the water safely and comfortably!
DSCF4177 20130603_131237 DSCF4266DSCF3111DSCF3143 213 009 DSCF4251 DSCF3119 DSCF3139 20140119_151812311445_2363167639974_1273856096_32920658_3633785_n[1] 320397_2363174240139_1273856096_32920671_6370691_n[1]           Dirty Girl, I’m thinking that you might really enjoy this kayaking!

March! It's almost spring… make a goal!

So, there is a big winter storm forecast for our area.  Tomorrow is March 1st and everyone I know is more than ready for spring to come!  After arriving home from the last High School basketball game of the season (glory be!), I thought I would peruse my computer for signs of spring.  These are what I randomly found …. From March 2012 in beautiful Jefferson County in Northeast Kansas!  Keep your eyes peeled for similar sights within the next month!
Oh, wait!  The next two are from Milford Lake in Riley County!  My friend Shelley and I competed in the Thumper Adventure Race with Lake Adventures at Lake Milford in early March 2012.  Here we are plotting our course…
Below we are traipsing through the Eastern Red Cedar trees while searching for a check point.  I think we placed first in our division of two women teams.  It was a tough race but a beautiful day!  We ran through ash from a grass fire, carried our bikes through the woods after a navigational error and had an AMAZING time!  (photos courtesy Lake Adventures)
420374_3536015448259_1508543598_3165682_513298445_nLater in March, while hiking the Perry Lake Trail, I found these Dutchman’s Breeches sprouting in a sunny spot along the trail.
DSCF4117Spring brings everything to life and adds green to the now tired brown.  Snails are cool!
DSC_0150These are also native wild flowers, Trillium or Wakerobin.  They are a sure sign that spring has come to the woods.  Soon they will be popping up along the trail!
DSC_0147DSC_0117When the Eastern Redbuds pop, the edges of the woods are glorious!
Dirty Girls, this spring is your time to bloom!  Make some goals right now!  Waiting for next Monday or next month or tomorrow won’t get you to the next season!  Take a look at the adventures that are planned here  but, IN ADDITION to those – make some plans of your own!  Set some personal goals for your own self care today!  Drink more water, move your body more often (every day??), spend some quality time with your Dirty Dude or your Dirty Kids or your Dirty Girls (love that last one!)!  I will share some of my own goals for this adventure season soon.  First though, I think I will need to share some kayak photos and inspiration! Stay tuned for that!
Stay strong and brave and true!  Make your goals and share them with your Dirty Girl friends for accountability!  You can comment here, on the facebook page when this posts or in an email to me!
Meanwhile, look forward – move forward! Hope to see you on the trail soon!