Winter Adventures!

Hello Dirty Girls!  Are you ready for spring?  I know I am!  Meanwhile, I’ve been taking advantage of some of our more mild days.  At this point though, the definition of mild is becoming questionable!  I decided to brave the wet feet and icy ankles and took a hike Saturday.  The trailhead parking lot was still snow packed so I had to park on the gravel road to hit the Perry Lake Trail.
With about a foot of snow on the trail, the going was tougher than usual.  My awesome Salomon trail running shoes are water “resistant” and the temperature was below thirty so the snow only turned to water after prolonged exposure to my warmth!  Ha!  Really, I thought of a couple of items for a wish list – leg gaiters and snow shoes!  Overall, I had a fun time in the woods all alone!  It is soooo beautiful!  There were tracks and animal sign all along the trail.  I could see bird feet and wing tip sweeps, deer scrapes (they scrape their antlers on trees to rub the velvet off) and bunny tracks.  The woods were so quiet and peaceful.  It is pretty awesome to be the first or only on the trail.  Usually, you can’t really tell if others have hiked along before you but in this snow the only trail break was from animals.  Kinda cool!
I was wearing my wool socks, winter running tights, compression sleeves and I was pretty warm  My ankles and lower legs got a little cold because snow was sticking to me as I went.  No problem!  I just knocked off the snow every once in awhile!
The backs of my legs had the most snow – all the way up to my knees!  It was a good hike, I spent almost ninety minutes going out and back.  I didn’t travel much distance, maybe three miles, but I had a great time! A combination of beauty and ridiculousness made my morning great!
I can’t believe that the first BIG event is in ONE MONTH!!  I have already have one person registered!  YaY!  I stopped in at Hog Holler, the official Dirty Girl Club House and things are looking promising.  March 8th we will be hiking 8 miles to end there for lunch and refreshment.  I really hope that all this snow melts and that we will be able to feel spring in the air!!
Get outside to take some hikes if you can! If not, hit that treadmill for some cardio so that you are ready to take a hike in a month!  It’s gonna be great!

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