Dirty Girl Club Membership! Join Now!

 Join the Dirty Girl Club!

This will be the most fun you’ve had for ages!  It’s time to get together, support each other and have some outdoor adventures!  The Dirty Girl Club is full of adventurous and bold women, brave girls ready to take on the great outdoors while bonding and building friendships.
A $25 annual fee will bring you new adventures and …

  1. A super cool t-shirt available only to members.  Like, really cool: I’m totally loving it!
  2. An email newsletter every 6 weeks (or so) full of Dirty Girl event highlights, pictures, invites to special club only events, resources, and insightful Dirty Girl thoughts and ponderings.
  3. Email/text invites to last minute Dirty Girl Club events.
  4. Special “Club Only” events, designed just for us, the Dedicated Dirty Girls. These will be free or low cost and occasionally amazing!
  5. 20% off any Dirty Girl Events – Club or regularly scheduled events!

 Why should you join the Dirty Girl Club?

Friends, it is hard to articulate the best parts of being a Dirty Girl.  It is being together, working together and moving forward physically, emotionally and individually.  This is an opportunity to nurture you.  We will be better at everything we must do if we take time to do what we love to do. Finding time to strengthen and refresh ourselves provides the balance we need.  We will become more physically fit, discuss ideas both trivial and integral to living life on our terms and we will forge relationships that support and sustain us through good times and bad.  Join the Dirty Girl Club to have fun and to strengthen and nurture your own beautiful soul while simultaneously strengthening others. Dirty Girls believe that life is a journey, changing all the time.  Dirty Girls can help you navigate these changes . . . If you are friends with a Dirty Girl, you can tell her anything and she won’t judge you.  Dirty Girls are all different and they accept other Dirty Girls just as they are.  Dirty Girls are all beautiful in their own way.  Dirty Girls are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, single, divorced, married, but above all, strong in spirit and independent.

Join us; you can be a Dirty Girl, too!

(Paypal coming soon or email deniseselbeekoch@gmail.com)

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