It's almost time!

Yes, it is almost time for the first of the big adventures.  The 8 – Mile is in two weeks!!  I am super excited about this first hike!  First, I am excited because this is the start that I have been dreaming of and planning for with my Dirty Mama advisors. Second, because the response has been overwhelmingly positive! We are going to be a very large group!  This will be amazing.  I love sharing the wilderness with people, meeting new people and spending the day surrounded by encouragement and positives.  I just really hope that the weather is dry!
I have had to make some changes in the original plans due to the amazing response – I hope that everyone will have a great time.  With 40 people, your average car pool plan doesn’t seem to fit, the solution will be a surprise!  The Hog Holler Saloon has been totally accommodating and supportive of this venture and will be opening up for us in the morning!  Yay!  I have finished the t-shirt design and they will be ordered tomorrow.  I am eager to receive my club t-shirt and the amazing hoodie!  I love a good hoodie and am due for a new one so this will be especially exciting!  The simple fact that it is purple would make me happy but the fact that it is Dirty Girl swag makes it even more exciting!
Can’t wait for spring and some time on the trail with all the new Dirty Girls!  Oooohhhhh, and summer on the water!  DSC_0003 (2)It is going to be a great adventure season!  So glad that so many have chosen to come along for the ride!

Dirty Girl Hooded Sweatshirts NOW AVAILABLE!

Yes!  It’s true!  You can order a Dirty Girl pullover hooded sweatshirt right here!  Buy Now Button They are $30 dollars each and they are beautiful!  They are Royal Purple with the Dirty Girl Adventures logo emblazoned across them in hot pink and white!  Get yours now!!  Club members will have hot pink print on the back and they will get a 20% discount on the purchase!

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Dirty Girl Club!

10.  The shirt will be one of those super soft kinds – and pink with purple letters!
9. It is a step towards carving out time for yourself.
8.  Taking time for yourself in a planful way helps you be a better you – for yourself, your loved ones and your responsibilities.
7. You will have multiple opportunities to explore the gorgeous state of Kansas.
6. You might make some new friends.
5. You will have a new cheering section of amazing Dirty Girls to motivate you.
4. You will get out and get moving – even when you don’t feel like it.
3. Doing something for YOU is long over due and will lead to a positive payoff.
2. Dirty Girls are amazing!
1. You are worth it!
DSC_0003 (2)
Check it out at Dirty Girl Club!

Winter Adventures!

Hello Dirty Girls!  Are you ready for spring?  I know I am!  Meanwhile, I’ve been taking advantage of some of our more mild days.  At this point though, the definition of mild is becoming questionable!  I decided to brave the wet feet and icy ankles and took a hike Saturday.  The trailhead parking lot was still snow packed so I had to park on the gravel road to hit the Perry Lake Trail.
With about a foot of snow on the trail, the going was tougher than usual.  My awesome Salomon trail running shoes are water “resistant” and the temperature was below thirty so the snow only turned to water after prolonged exposure to my warmth!  Ha!  Really, I thought of a couple of items for a wish list – leg gaiters and snow shoes!  Overall, I had a fun time in the woods all alone!  It is soooo beautiful!  There were tracks and animal sign all along the trail.  I could see bird feet and wing tip sweeps, deer scrapes (they scrape their antlers on trees to rub the velvet off) and bunny tracks.  The woods were so quiet and peaceful.  It is pretty awesome to be the first or only on the trail.  Usually, you can’t really tell if others have hiked along before you but in this snow the only trail break was from animals.  Kinda cool!
I was wearing my wool socks, winter running tights, compression sleeves and I was pretty warm  My ankles and lower legs got a little cold because snow was sticking to me as I went.  No problem!  I just knocked off the snow every once in awhile!
The backs of my legs had the most snow – all the way up to my knees!  It was a good hike, I spent almost ninety minutes going out and back.  I didn’t travel much distance, maybe three miles, but I had a great time! A combination of beauty and ridiculousness made my morning great!
I can’t believe that the first BIG event is in ONE MONTH!!  I have already have one person registered!  YaY!  I stopped in at Hog Holler, the official Dirty Girl Club House and things are looking promising.  March 8th we will be hiking 8 miles to end there for lunch and refreshment.  I really hope that all this snow melts and that we will be able to feel spring in the air!!
Get outside to take some hikes if you can! If not, hit that treadmill for some cardio so that you are ready to take a hike in a month!  It’s gonna be great!

Dirty Girl Club Membership! Join Now!

 Join the Dirty Girl Club!

This will be the most fun you’ve had for ages!  It’s time to get together, support each other and have some outdoor adventures!  The Dirty Girl Club is full of adventurous and bold women, brave girls ready to take on the great outdoors while bonding and building friendships.
A $25 annual fee will bring you new adventures and …

  1. A super cool t-shirt available only to members.  Like, really cool: I’m totally loving it!
  2. An email newsletter every 6 weeks (or so) full of Dirty Girl event highlights, pictures, invites to special club only events, resources, and insightful Dirty Girl thoughts and ponderings.
  3. Email/text invites to last minute Dirty Girl Club events.
  4. Special “Club Only” events, designed just for us, the Dedicated Dirty Girls. These will be free or low cost and occasionally amazing!
  5. 20% off any Dirty Girl Events – Club or regularly scheduled events!

 Why should you join the Dirty Girl Club?

Friends, it is hard to articulate the best parts of being a Dirty Girl.  It is being together, working together and moving forward physically, emotionally and individually.  This is an opportunity to nurture you.  We will be better at everything we must do if we take time to do what we love to do. Finding time to strengthen and refresh ourselves provides the balance we need.  We will become more physically fit, discuss ideas both trivial and integral to living life on our terms and we will forge relationships that support and sustain us through good times and bad.  Join the Dirty Girl Club to have fun and to strengthen and nurture your own beautiful soul while simultaneously strengthening others. Dirty Girls believe that life is a journey, changing all the time.  Dirty Girls can help you navigate these changes . . . If you are friends with a Dirty Girl, you can tell her anything and she won’t judge you.  Dirty Girls are all different and they accept other Dirty Girls just as they are.  Dirty Girls are all beautiful in their own way.  Dirty Girls are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, single, divorced, married, but above all, strong in spirit and independent.

Join us; you can be a Dirty Girl, too!

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