Adventure and Mayhem!

This last Saturday the original dirty girls (me and my 3 crazy friends) took a kayaking trip down the Delaware River.  Even though it was a little chilly the day was cool and crisp and beautiful!   The puffs of cloud were so white against the bright blue sky. 1382412_10202135696655269_1459057353_n

We had been anticipating the trip and hoping against hope that it wouldn’t rain.   We wore layers and brought extra clothes for the end of the run.  The air temperature was about 55* when we started but the water was pretty warm so I took off my shoes and we paddled away.


… off we go!  There were herons and fish were jumping and all was right with the world.  Julie, aka No-wah- pee, and I paddled along chatting and catching up while Jenn and Julie (the one who can wah-pee) piddled around doing the same thing behind us.  Eventually, we noted that they weren’t catching up and, in fact, it appeared that they had stopped along the bank.  Just as we decided to start backtracking, we saw Jenn paddling towards us.  As we drew together, she said, “Julie’s kayak has a hole in it and she is now swimming.”  Well, you can imagine what our response was (because I’m trying to avoid excessive curse words in this blog)!  We paddled back and I hooked up to her kayak and towed it to shore so she could swim freely.  It should be noted that the water felt good – but only when you were submerged!  So… we hit the shore and Julie was promptly freezing. She stripped down and wrapped up in dry towels and a fleece jacket.    I flipped the kayak, dumped the water and we assessed the situation.  To get to the river, Julie had loaded the kayak onto a trailer with no fender. When the kayak shifted during travel, the tire rubbed a smooth, thin spot in the plastic.  This thinned spot ended up with two slits about 3-4 inches long that were taking on water.


So… what to do when you are on the river and your kayak is sinking and severely damaged??  Well, we took a drink break and a pee break and talked it over.  I busted out my sandwich and used the Ziploc bag to thread through the slits.  We wished for duct tape and pondered other solutions.  We had about an hour back the way we had come or two and a half ahead of us.  We climbed the bank to see the sights and check our location but we were, predictably, in the middle of no where.


By this time, Julie was feeling bad and blaming herself for ruining our trip.  But then, Julie aka MacGyver discovered that she had gum!!  Well, alright!!  At this point, I was laughing pretty hard.  They proceeded to chew up a lot of gum and stuck it along the slits and Ziploc bag patch.  Really.  Seriously.  That’s what they did!


While cracking up, I decided that if we used the stretchy rope from the kayak and the styrofoam cooler lid, we could add buoyancy and sort of cap the gum/bag patch.


Ha.  At this point, my dirty girls decided they needed to join me in drinking wine instead of beer.  So… Dirty Girl ingenuity strikes again!!  Bag o’wine is the best way to transport wine down the river by the way.  Then you can drink it out of a water bottle to prevent spillage!  Or, if desperate for wine, you could use an empty beer bottle….


Well, after fortification of the hole and ourselves, we paddled away full of hope and wine.  It worked!!  Weird!  Now we were enjoying the fabulousness of kayaking down the river, the comradery of being together, my wine and we added SUCCESS!  This made us a little giddy!  We Dirty Girls are scrappy bitches!  So, with lots of laughter we continued down the river.  Julie was paddling along sans a good amount of clothing and had strewn her bra out along the top of the kayak in hopes of the sun drying it out.  As we paddled along, Jenn suddenly yells, “YOUR BRA!!”  and we all turn and watch it slip off the back of the kayak into the river!  It floated for a moment and then slowly sunk out of sight into the dark water.  DOH!  Well, what would you have done??  Julie quickly paddled to shore, stripped the rest of the way down and dived in to find it!  We were skeptical as she went under and SHOCKED when she came up with it in her hand on the first try!


MORE SUCCESS!!  We continued onward.  Julie gave up the idea of drying the bra out and secured it by putting it back on her body!  Now, during this continued ridiculousness, we were having wonderful heart to heart conversation about life, love and happiness.  What a great feeling to spend the day with women who love you, support you and understand you!!  We saw some sights, had more laughs and great conversations as we continued down the river.




We finally hit the Kaw and celebrated with a little yoga on the sandbar.  Feel the flow of love and happiness!





Overall, this turned out to be the best kayaking trip we’ve taken!  This route usually has taken us three to four hours but this day it took us six!  We had a great time all around.  I think we all grew closer to each other mostly due to laughter and total honesty.  Going outside with Dirty Girls is good for your soul – it refreshes!

The Original Dirty Girls!
The Original Dirty Girls!  Love!

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