Anybody can be a Dirty Girl!

It’s true!  Well, technically, I guess guys can only be Dirty Dudes but you know what I mean!  Dirty Girls come in different shapes and sizes and different fitness levels as well.  We run, we walk really fast (I have long legs), we jog, we hike slowly.  Sometimes it’s a kick butt, hardcore workout and other times it is a hike intended to truly enjoy and take in the sights and sounds of the trail as well as the company of our peers. (Both of these are a workout.)  We all have a different definition of what that kick butt work out is to us and we all have a different need when we hit the trail or the water.  It just depends on what will refresh and invigorate us at any given moment.

Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet cup fungus! I googled it!
Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet cup fungus!
I googled it!

We have been having a wide variety of Dirty People turn up for the free trail hikes and we LOVE that!!  It seems like a few Dirty Girls might be feeling a little “less than” because they are slower that others.  THAT IS NOT THE GOAL OF THIS!  By coming out, by showing up, by joining in you are all AMAZING!  By getting yourself out and moving in the great outdoors you are taking care of business!  Remember, we are in this because we are taking good care of ourselves!!  Dirty Girls or Dirty Dudes, our goals are varied – fitness, fresh air, fun, adventure, friends!  Don’t let your fitness level keep you home!  If you walk a quarter mile in the time it takes me to walk a mile it doesn’t matter!  We both moved for all the right reasons!!

Don’t hold yourself back!!  Don’t let negative self talk slow you down!  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else just do what you can do and take good care of yourself!!  This means physically and emotionally.  For me, going outside is relaxing and energizing and refreshing. Hosting trail hikes and other outdoor adventures helps by providing accountability and good company!  Grab a Dirty Girl and get outside!!  Feel empowered and energized!  Get stronger!DSCF4338

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