Fall is a great time for a hike!

Hello!  We have had some great times on the trail lately.  Even though the weather has become “suddenly summer”, it has been great to get outside.  I am, however, eagerly waiting for true fall to come with cooler temperatures, crisp nights and changing foliage, ie:  less brush and bugs!  Dirty Girls have taken to the trail for both a slower, short hike of 3 miles and a longer more intensive Saturday hike of about 5 miles.  It is working out to have both fast (runners) and slower (woggers and hikers) as long as we plan our route in advance.  It has been nice to catch up with a variety of people on the trail as well!  I can’t wait for the Dirty Girls Half Day on the Trail in October!  Making plans now for food and comfort at the end of the trail.

Dirty Girls and Dirty Kids!

The view from the trail!

I have determined that I have been a slacker this summer! I need more time on the trail. Especially if I am going to go on a ten mile hike with the Dirty Girls October 13th! I am also planning to participate in the Bonkhard Racing Perfect 10 Rogaine Event on October 19th – it is a ten hour maximum orienteering event. Unlike an adventure race, which includes biking and paddling, this is an all trekking event. It is in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park, which should be absolutely beautiful (and hillllly!).  I better get my butt in gear!
I hope that you are finding some time to explore the trails near you or at least get outside to enjoy the gorgeous world!
More Dirty Girls!
More Dirty Girls!

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